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Nano-toe benefits
  Has the following obvious characteristics:
  Anti-bacterial, anti-mildew, deodorant, anti-bacterial function of aging for a long time, with dry adsorption and so on
  This product uses nanometer antibacterial mildew material, the appropriate medium and additive preparation of composite antibacterial agent, added to the shoe manufacturing process or directly to the surface coating treatment, so that contact with the foot of the shoe cavity has a long anti-bacterial function, play Mildew and deodorant, to protect the health of the role of the foot. The use of nano-technology and nano-materials are safe and reliable, healthy and harmless, will not cause environmental pollution; long-term use will not make cells resistant to reduce the body's immunity, the ecosystem will not produce negative influences.
  Nanometer shoes nano antibacterial material is inorganic antibacterial agent using high-tech nanotechnology treatment, it has a more extensive, excellent antibacterial sterilization function, and by slow-release effect, improve the antibacterial long-term effect. There is a good addition to flavor sterilization effect, you can remove foot odor.

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