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How to deal with the toe clip feet
  the first method is used extrusion method: If the edge of the new shoe grinding foot, wet towel can be used in the location of the mill foot cover a few minutes to make it soft and moist, and then forced the object with a cylindrical roller pressure several times, the grinding foot Of the parts of the pressure was smooth, it will no longer grinding the foot.
  there is a method of liquor leaching: steps is to pour the white wine into the new shoes, shaking a few times, put an hour or so to wear, so the cortex is no longer hard, shoes are no longer clamp feet, , Such as the heel Department, you can dry wipes, and then fully soaked with liquor, with a clip fixed to play in the shoes of the site.
  can also take a newspaper, made into a ball, dip a little water, not too wet, but the whole regiment are stained with water, and then take the dry newspaper wrapped in wet newspaper, stuffed in the crowded foot position, and then Shoes sealed in a plastic bag, overnight, on it. Wear the next day, then wear parts of the foot has been soaked smooth.
  every household has the wind, the kind of hair with the home tube, into the toe there, with a little hot air blowing a few minutes, and then use a relatively soft cloth, stuffed into force to plug tight, hold a few minutes, Or even longer, after the shoes come on the feet, will feel a lot of loose.

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