The role of steel clad head in anti-smashing safety shoes

Source: YONGKANG SAIFUTE INDUSTRAL CO., LTDRelease time: 2022-10-18

Steel clad toe is an accessory required for safety shoes to protect the toes from external impact or static pressure.

Steel toes are available in aluminum, steel, plastic and fiberglass materials. They can be embedded in smash resistant safety shoes to protect the toes.

Smash-proof safety shoes are toe protection shoes, also known as steel-toed shoes. It refers to a shoe equipped with a protective metal or non-metal toe cap on the front of the shoe, which can withstand certain forces and protect the toes from foreign objects.

General requirements of anti-bashing safety shoes.

1. The steel clad head installed in the shoe must not move without damaging the protective toe shoe.

2. In addition to all-rubber and all-polymer shoes, shoes with an internal steel clad head have a front lining or a part of the upper that has a lining. In addition, the steel clad head should have an edge covering that extends at least 5mm below the rear edge of the protective toe cap and at least 10mm in the opposite direction.

3. The thickness of the abrasion resistant coating on the toe position should be no less than 1mm.